LGBT Friendly Practice

We are delighted to have been assessed by the LGBT foundation and given their GOLD award. We continue to work to provide the best possible healthcare for LGBTQIA + Community.

In March 2020, the Government asked everyone in the UK to change the ways in which we go about our daily activities. New rules about where we can go, when we can leave the house, and who we can see have left many of us wondering what our rights are in the time of COVID-19.

Many of us have questioned what we can expect during this time of change. Can we still get the healthcare and support we need? What should we do if we are worried, concerned or in danger?

To answer some of these questions, LGBT Foundation is launching the Essential Guide to LGBT Rights and COVID-19. We understand that everyone has different experiences and needs. However, this guide intends to support LGBT people in understanding situations they may face and being able to make informed choices that are right for them.

Some of the questions answered in the guide include:

  • Can I access sexual health testing?
  • Can I get my medication?
  • Can I receive my hormones?
  • Where can I get help if I experience a hate crime?
  • Where can I get information about my Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) appointment?
  • What if I am a disabled person?

We hope is that every single LGBT person knows their rights and is able to access the support they need. It is important that our communities are empowered with the information they need during the pandemic.

If you would like more information, further support, or to talk to someone:

You can also use the following websites for LGBT information:

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